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Urban Wildlife Research Project’s Mission: To impart the knowledge we discover about the wild, to help reconnect modern society with the natural world, so that the natural diversity of Earth may persist with time.

Squat Face 3
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Fox Research Blog
Adopt A Trail Camera
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Oppose Palo Alto's Anaerobic Digester
Oppose Palo Alto’s Anaerobic Digester Plant

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  1. cynthia says:

    Thank you soooo much for the wonderful beavers video in San Jose’s Guadalupe River. We’ve taken many bike rides along that now-wonderful river floodplain. I’m so happy that the city will allow them to stay because there’s no danger of flooding. Shows what good (dare I say it) NATURAL flood management can do for a city. Thanks for the peek into those industrious beavers’ lives. We live in Moscow Idaho now and we know how hard it is to see them at work. Great Job.

  2. Alan Kitzhaber says:

    How can I purchase the video “A year in the life of a gray fox”?

    1. tpsgreg says:

      A Year With The Gray Fox is still in production, check back for updates on the Documentary, Thank you for your interest!

      1. Alan Kitzhaber says:

        Do you have an ETA for this film,

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