Taylor Groves – Board Director and Chief Financial Officer

I am passionate about being part of the UWRP because I believe that the future of wildlife in our ever-urbanizing world depends on urban conservation efforts.

Taylor Groves is a graduate of Santa Clara University, with degrees in Ecology and Anthropology. She studies the behavioral flexibility of wildlife in the urban environment, and her current research is on urban tree squirrels. Her research interests include citizen science initiatives, human/ wildlife interactions, and urban wildlife ecology. Taylor says, “I work for California State Parks Natural Resources Division. I work in the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast District as a Forestry Aide. The work I do is varied, and includes monitoring of Threatened and Endangered Species and invasive weed management. That means that I do everything from applying herbicide to invasive species to surveying forest lands for Marbled Murrelets before work begins in those areas. Our main project focus is restoring as much habitat for wildlife as possible in the Mendocino Sonoma area.