Patrick Ryan – Board Director and Science Advisor

I am passionate about the Urban Wildlife Research Project because it provides a unique environment for community science, reputable research, as well as outreach and education.

Patrick Ryan, Board Director: Patrick Ryan graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU) in 2016 with a degree in Wildlife/Conservation Biology. As an undergraduate he participated in wildlife research on bats in North Texas, and on rhinos and other big game species in South Africa. Since graduating from TCU, Patrick has participated on several research projects consisting of prairie dog behavioral ecology in New Mexico, raccoon and opossum resource competition in South Carolina, deer survival and mountain lion predator-prey ecology in California, white-tailed deer movement ecology in Illinois, and predator community impact on waterfowl in South Dakota. Patrick hopes to aid the Urban Wildlife Research Project (UWRP) by helping to develop the radio-collaring project into as thorough and rigorous a project as possible.