Jessica Hatfield – Board Director and Secretary 

I am passionate about the Urban Wildlife Research Project because our native wildlife species are essential to a balanced ecosystem, and therefore to our own well-being. Coexistence between humans and a healthy, thriving wildlife population is necessary, and made possible when we work together to make the Bay Area a better place for both the people and the animals that inhabit it.

Jessica Hatfield holds a Bachelor of Pre-Veterinary Science from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her interest in wildlife was cultivated during her childhood, having grown up in close proximity to the sea and several national parks, and further developed when she interned with a conservation research team in South Africa in 2018. There, she utilized various game capture techniques and information on local diseases, nutrition, and behavior to formulate treatment and management strategies for wildlife in diverse ecosystems. These experiences lead her to volunteering with the Urban Wildlife Research Project. With an academic exposure to animal physiology, disease ecology, and background in soft pastel painting, she strives to contribute to wildlife rehabilitation and conservation through both the sciences and the arts.