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Bill Leikam ©2012
Bill Leikam ©2012


Urban Wildlife Research Project has made education a focus of its mission. Their goal is to share the knowledge they’ve gained about the wild, to instill a greater sense of responsibility in the current and upcoming generations, so the wildlife diversity of Silicon Valley may persist with time.

Presentations and Guided Hikes

UWRP offers engaging multimedia presentations for your personal, corporate, or non-profit organization. UWRP has presented at Google, Facebook, Sierra Club, and Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society among others. Schedule your presentation by filling out the contact form on our Contact/Bio page. Locations of presentations and hikes are flexible and will be arranged once we’re contacted. Choose from the following topics for your presentation:

– A Year With the Urban Gray fox  – Presented by Bill Leikam, the Fox Guy

C - Baylands - 09-16-2013 - 044 - Gray fox pup Dark Face (upper right), adult Creek (Lower right looing up), Little One (left) & Helper female (far left)The Fox Guy, Bill Leikam, begins with an overview of the gray fox’s general ecology as an orientation to the life of a gray fox. He then weaves together the science through personal stories about these foxes as he follows them over the course of a year. You will witness juvenile gray foxes begin new relationships, and experience the secret lives of gray fox pups as they learn how to survive in their ever-changing world. 98% of the video and stills are original, never before seen outside of this presentation. Our remarkable journey will conclude when the pups are indistinguishable from their parents and they are ready to disperse to new territories, find an acceptable mate, and continue their cycle of life. See unique video taken by UWRP’s motion-sensitive trail cameras, video camera, and photographs that Bill has taken in the field. Until the Fox Guy began his study of the behavior of the gray fox, no one had ever accomplished a comprehensive study of their behavior. Very little was known about them. 

– Resurgence of the CA Golden Beaver –

Presented by Greg Kerekes


In March 2013 UWRP captured the first video evidence of the return of a Keystone Species to Santa Clara County, the Beaver. This presentation or guided hike will re-cap the historic discovery of Beaver on the Guadalupe River in downtown San Jose when they inhabited the confluence next to the Shark Tank Arena. Discover how they survive in the urban waterways and what benefits/challenges Beavers bring to the urban environment. Also covered, UWRP’s survey of the entire Guadalupe Watershed in search of more signs of Beaver and how you can help.

-Burrowing Owls of the South Bay-

Presented by Greg Kerekes

©Greg Kerekes 5 WBO ChicksUWRP

Follow the lives of the Western Burrowing Owls living in the Concrete Jungle of Silicon Valley. Only 36 pairs of owls remain in our county and they are projected to be extirpated, locally extinct, within the next couple of decades. This presentation or hike will focus on the ecology of the burrowing owl and the groups in the South Bay that are working to preserve this threatened species.

-Citizen Science, You make the Difference!-

Presented by Greg Kerekes & The Fox Guy

10:28:12 Steelhead trout North Colemans Ave ©Greg Kerekes

Discover how you can do your part to make a difference in the success of wildlife in Silicon Valley. This presentation or guided hike will focus on tools, apps, and methods the citizen scientists of UWRP use to help urban wildlife. For example, UWRP uses GPS tagged photos and videos with Google Maps/Earth to identify the location of flora and fauna or to report roadkill hotspots within wildlife corridors. Also learn simple scientific methods on habitat surveying and reporting to wildlife agencies, property owners, and the public.

Gray Fox Walk-Don Edwards S.F. Bay National Wildlife Refuge-

Bill Leikam currently gives public fox walk/talks at the Don Edwards San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge from the Fremont Visitor’s Center. Title: Seven Ways to Know If You’re In Fox Territory. Free to the public. The last Saturday of every month.

Email Bill to set up your own public or private lecture at  

11794566_10154071910527662_3738733040570152421_oOutreach – If you would like to have  UWRP give a presentation or host a table displaying our works with the gray foxes and other urban wildlife, fill out the form on the Contact/Bio page and we will get back to you promptly.

 Pricing: $500 for community organizations, up to $1000 for corporations and larger organizations, Negotiable for private, in-home gatherings.

Past Presentation Posters:Gray Fox Presentation @ Google Final Flyer

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