Gray Foxes of Silicon Valley


UWRP’s Bill Leikam and Greg Kerekez track Gray Fox families through the marshes of the South San Francisco Bay, along the urban creek corridors and into the surrounding mountains to gain an understanding of how this basal canid is adapting to increasingly urban environments like Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Gray Fox Corridors
Silicon Valley Gray Fox Corridors

Partners in this project include the City of Palo Alto, California Fish and Wildlife, California National Wildlife Federation, and CuriOdyssey.

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UWRP is also making strides in the understanding of the behavior of the Gray Fox. Bill Leikam’s unique research provides a window into the life of this illusive wild dog.  The research on the Urban adaptation of the Gray Fox and their behavior will be highlighted in a documentary, “A Year With The Gray Fox”.

They’ll follow fox families from pup rearing to maturation, from inside the den and out into the marsh. Witness mother and father fox teach their young how to survive in the ever changing landscape. Experience their tenderness, their playfulness, their curiosity, and tenacity. As the pups become independent they will put their parents teachings to the test. Bill and Greg will follow the young fox’s into the winter, when they disperse from the den to explore the world in search for a mate. Puppyhood is short lived and at beginning of next spring they will have pups of their own, thus beginning another Year with the Gray Fox.

Watch another interview with Bill Leikam below-

Bill Leikam talks about his first experience with the Gray Fox along the Southern San Francisco Bay. He also tells the story of some amazing footage captured by their first trail camera. Visit to learn more about Bill’s research


UWRP and Silicon Valley’s Gray Foxes in the news:

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. castello2 says:

    Great work! I would love to help in some way. I’m in Cupertino. edwest_98 at yahoo alias is castello 🙂

  2. Alan Kitzhaber says:

    Do you have any idea when the film will be released?

    1. tpsgreg says:

      Hi Alan, Filming has been postponed until we get our permits updated. Hopefully no more than a year and it may be combined in a series on silicon valley wildlife. We are working on a funding campaign with National Wildlife Federation which we’ll notify the public when that starts Thanks for your comment, Greg Kerekez

  3. Brian Carr says:

    I attended a talk and walk with Bill Leikam at Don Edwards NWR today. Very interesting for adults and the large contingent of kids had a great time!

  4. Alan Kitzhaber says:

    When do you think this film will be completed?

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