David Johns – Board Director and Corridor Specialist

There is no substitute for large, connected wilderness—self-willed lands, waters, creatures and plants. Human numbers and an obsession with control have created vast urban areas that reach across the landscape. The Urban Wildlife Research Project is so important because it works to understand how wildlife can thrive in these areas and seeks to ensure that they do. These are vital tasks in our duty to help heal the Earth.

David Johns, Board Director: David has advocated for large-scale conservation for many decades. A co-founder of the Wildlands Network, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, and Conservation Biology Institute, he currently serves as chair of the Marine Conservation Institute which is home to the Blue Parks/Global Ocean Refuge System Initiative. He has worked on conservation projects throughout the Americas, in the Russian Far East, Australia, Europe, and southern Africa. He is author of A New Conservation Politics (2009), a manual on effective conservation advocacy, and Conservation Politics: The Last Anti-Colonial Battle (2019), about overcoming the root causes of ecological decline instead of treating symptoms. He teaches politics and law at Portland State University.