UWRP is a partnership between citizen scientists and ethologists Bill Leikam and Greg Kerekes.

Bill Leikam, President & CEO conducts unprecedented field research on the behavior of the gray fox. He is on the Board of Directors for Guadalupe-Coyote Resource Conservation District. Bill has many accomplishments to his name including being a published live jazz reviewer for All About Jazz. In 1981 he was a Delegate to the People’s Republic of China based on his research into the nature of consciousness. He is quoted saying, “ We cannot call ourselves civilized until we freely give all living things on planet Earth their rightful place beside us.” March 2014, William C. Leikam

Greg Kerekez is a wildlife conservation photographer, currently working on a documentary series about the natural diversity and history of Santa Clara County  titled “Silicon Valley of the Heart’s Delight”.  He is an Instructor for Youth Science Institute and is a docent for several non-profit organizations. He is credited with capturing the first videos of a Beaver living on the Guadalupe River in San Jose, CA.

Questions or Comments for UWRP? Report your urban wildlife or roadkill sightings to us and we’ll use your information to help wildlife.

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  1. The fox I see is much smaller than those in your video I feel very grateful to see this creature

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