Donations to Continue Our Vital Work

We here at the Urban Wildlife Research Project (UWRP) are proud to announce that we are now a nonprofit 501(c)(3). You can, therefore, write off from your taxes your donations to the UWRP. If you wish to have a formal letter from us indicating that you have donated, get in touch with us directly, give us your mailing address or your email address and we will send you the letter acknowledging receipt of your donation. it will be honored by the IRS and your state’s tax board. With all that said, please read about our newest project and how we intend to increase the health of all wildlife along the western edge of the San Francisco Bay. This work is vital but before we can begin this phase of our work, we need to raise enough money to purchase the materials needed to take that next step forward.


  1. eileen bauer says:

    As an ethologist with 9 years studying gray fox behavior, I know you have a large library of pictures. How does one access your library of foxes and is there any cost? What is the link?

    1. Bill (the Fox Guy) Leikam says:

      Thank you for your request. No one can access the library. We only sell to places like the BBC, Discovery Channel, etc. Sorry about that.

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